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Blizzard LB Hex Unplugged Product Demo/Review

Today we got a new toy in the mail, the Blizzard LB Hex Unplugged battery-operated uplight! Well, 4 to be exact, and WOW these lights are awesome! I’m testing them out to be our go-to fixture in small to midsize venues where full wireless DMX is not always required. This fixture has 16 built-in color options, 6x 6-in-1 LEDs, a recessed control panel - allowing the fixture to lay flat, and a battery with up to 15 hours of runtime! Weighing just under 5lbs, they are extremely convenient to carry, and 10 fit in their very own charging case.

Not to mention if you need to wirelessly control these fixtures for a more elaborate show, they can self power a Blizzard Anyfi receiver for robust W-DMX control just a click away! The verdict? The lights are impressive, feature packed, and have actually exceeded my expectations! It is a very well built fixture - bright and powerful, one (or thirty) which I will soon add to my own arsenal! A little birdie told us that these lights maybe accompanying DJ Nevy to all his events next year ;).

DJs: if this seems like it would be a good fit for you, drop me a line for vendor pricing!

Big thanks to TOPO Great Room for letting us use the space!

Check out the demo video below:

Ranganathan Rajaram